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1. WHAT QUALITIES MAKES A MUSIC ARTIST? I think there's so many different types of musicians and artists out there, that it's extremely difficult to group all artists into just a few qualifying characteristics. However I think all musicians must have determination and passion, because it can be a very grueling industry and without those two qualities, your artistic drive will wither. 2. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE AND LEAST FAVORITE PART ABOUT BEING A MUSIC ARITST? My favorite thing about being a musician is definitely the live shows and getting to connect with my fans IRL! There's something so magnetic about concerts, amongst the massive energy exchange happening between the artist and the fans. This is something that I could never get enough of, and makes me extremely grateful to be an artist. However, my least favorite thing is the pressure to be “on” all the time, especially on social media platforms. I am human, like everyone else, and some days I struggle to just exist. I think social media can be very misleading within the industry, that's why I try to remain as authentic as possible on my platforms. I never want my fans to think “oh she’s perfect” or compare themselves to my polished product I’m putting out. I think it's important for young people to have a role model that shows their flaws as well! 3. FAVORITE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR CAREER TO DATE? Everytime I perform it just keeps getting more electric! I think my favorite performance as of now would be y last performance, when I headlined the Troubadour! It was such an amazing stage to play on and I felt absolutely honored that we sold out the pre-sale and played to a packed house! It felt so unreal, and I’m still riding high! 4. DO YOU HAVE A PROCESS OR RITUAL BEFORE A PERFORMANCE TO GET RID OF PERFORMANCE ANXIETY? A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I have really bad social anxiety that can lead to panic attacks. So before shows and events I get really anxious! I usually lock myself in the green room alone about 10 minutes before my set, and I focus on my breathing and try to clear my mind as much as possible. I also pray before shows with my band and it makes me feel better prepared! However once I finally get on stage, all that worry disappears and I feel completely at home all of a sudden. 5. CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING EP "TEENAGE EULOGY"? There's going to be four songs on my new EP, “Teenage Eulogy”, and I literally cannot wait for it to be released. I got to collaborate with some of my favorite producers and we really created some magic for my listeners! 5a. WHAT INSPIRED IT? This past year I turned twenty, hence the title “Teenage Eulogy”, and its basically my artistic passing of my childhood trauma and insecurities. When I was younger I let people walk all over me, especially in the industry, and I would blame myself for never having a voice to stand up for myself. Now that insecure and scared little girl is gone and I’m putting her to rest. 5b. WHAT'S ITS UNDERLYING MESSAGE? Overall the message of this EP is that even though people may have though they could put me down and keep me under, and they might have succeeded at the time, but now I have been reborn as a stronger woman. Most people associate the word “eulogy” with grief and death, however I find it beautiful… your last words before parting with something that no longer serves you purpose. 5c. WHEN IS IT COMING OUT AND WHERE CAN PEOPLE LISTEN TO IT? It will be coming out at the end of April 2023, and I’m happy to say that it will be on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, etc.



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