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OCTOBER | 2021

Few artists in the industry today are as prolific and well-roundedly creative as Daniree. This singer-songwriter is much more than meets the eye, dabbling in journalism, acting, event hosting, and even philanthropy. Though she has an extensive, creative background, music is the primary language she chooses to speak through, a passion she developed at a young age.


As a child, her grandfather was an avid proponent of her creative endeavors. Daniree's voice was often the source of ridicule by her peers. Her grandfather sat her down to help add context to her beautiful singing voice. She expresses, "I used to get made fun of for the sound of my voice a lot because, for a female, I had a much deeper sultry tone," she continues, "my grandfather was actually the one that sat me down at a piano bench. He was right, you know. I had such a passion for music, and even though my voice is different and distinct, it was my uniqueness that was really going to pay off."


The underdog story touches the hearts of all people universally, but for this artiste, it is much more than a simple story. Daniree finds great joy and meaning in giving back to the creative community that supports her by collaborating with other musicians and creatives alike. 


Like her grandfather before her, Daniree uses her influence to create a secure space for artists and encourage them to demonstrate their talents. Her office acts as the same sanctuary she cultivates for others, oftentimes sitting, contemplating, and feeling out the next song(s) she will be creating. Tori Indeed invites Daniree to describe the conditions for her musical process, "It really varies from project to project but, I would say the majority of the time, it's just really honing in at my office space," Daniree exclaims. She proceeds, "Certain things just come out of me that normally wouldn't come out of me verbally. I feel like music gives me the platform to be more vulnerable than I probably would be in my everyday life."


All creative ventures are tantamount to struggle, an inevitability in all artist's journeys. The overcoming of these obstacles is dealt with differently by all artists but, for Daniree, it is fairly straightforward. She declares that her metaphorical sword and shield to be faith and self-awareness, voicing the importance of being honest with yourself when reflecting on the past, articulating its utility in offering individuals a strong footing for advancement.


The artiste's unwavering faith and humility lend to her pragmatic perspective on life and how to succeed within the creative landscape. Her consistently positive attitude and continual engagement with the local community have granted her the many opportunities she would have otherwise missed. She states, "See, about 5 or 6 years ago in 2015, I had the honor and privilege of heading to this event. It was a Halloween party ironically, and it was for the American Heart Association. There was a woman running this party, a nonprofit party for her father. I interviewed her and a few other artists that were there, to make a very long story short, she had seen a post about someone looking for someone to sing the national anthem at the Coney Island Cyclone game. She happened to tag my name on the post and I reached out to the person. We connected and we just went from there," she continues, "It's so profound to me because you can have an impact on someone that you met 5 or 6 years ago, and you don't know anything is going to come out of it."


Daniree is exceedingly busy, currently producing an impressive amount of work, and doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Currently, she is awaiting the release of a web series she is acting in titled, "Relentless" co-created by Jesus Romas. Her audition was so well received it inspired the casting department to develop a role specifically for her, tailoring the character to her unique personality. This Afro-Latino production has many of its constituents based out of Perth Amboy, NJ. Though Daniree doesn't have the official release date she does express that it will be coming out very soon.


Ultimately, Daniree is a unique individual, having a great deal of success in multiple disciplines. After being asked about how she has amassed such a profound quantity of achievements, her answer has remained humbly the same, giving almost all the credit to God. She states, "A lot of it has been through prayer. I thank God first. I get a lot of source of strength through my faith.”

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