MOST iNFLUENTIAL ART Magazine represents top artists from across the globe so our Influencer Marketing is top-notch. This means your creative brand will be promoted alongside the Most Influential Artists, offering you some of the best organic traffic available.

All Advertisement options can be found under Premium/Standard positionings. Premium Positioning consists of Interior Cover [Front and/or Back] & Exterior Cover [Back]. Standard Positioning consists of Full, Half, or Quarter Pages as well as placement within the magazine. Choose a package that suits you and your business’s needs. Advertisements costs may vary due to placement. For example, an advertisement just before the cover artist may cost more than somewhere else within the interior.

With all Premium Positioning, MiA Mag will take a percentage of your advertisement investment to run other ads on Google, Instagram, and Facebook. All Standard Positioning requires at least a 6-month commitment to receive secondary advertising from us.

All Secondary Advertisement Campaigns are managed by our partners at Top Floor Marketing LLC. You can view more of their services at


Your Advertisement can be developed one of two ways:

Pre - Designed 

A Pre - Designed Advertisement is one that you have already created or will create yourself to be added to our magazine. This is the easiest way for us to get your product or service promoted through our publication. Once the design is agreed upon after a short review call with Founder | CEO Daniel Johnson, your ad will be on its way to being integrated into our publication.

Custom -Designed

A Custom - Designed Advertisement is one that we design for you based on your specific needs. This pathway takes a bit more time and requires a separate call(s) to formulate a unique and tailor-made advertisement for your brand to be integrated into our publication. For this type of design process, we’ll need you to fill out our Brand Discovery form which is also available on our website. The cost for your advertisement using a custom design will increase based on your needs and specifications.

design & development

All Advertisers in our publication will go through a strategy call with MOST iNFLUENTIAL ART LLC or partnered company to discuss the best strategy for implementing their advertisement. This meeting will include talks of most popular products, location of URL, ad placement outside the magazine, and target demographics: 

ie: Gender, Location, Age, Interest, Income, etc... 

All Advertisements within MiA Mag will come with monthly analytics so proper action can be taken to improve their efficacy. Keep in mind that monthly analytics are only available to those who choose Debonair or Connoisseur packages at 6-months or more.


A percentage of your advertisement investment [based on chosen package] will be allocated to the marketing of your brand via Google, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok or Instagram Ads. All copy editing, assets, images, and any other marketing material will need to be discussed and agreed upon by both parties prior to the campaign. A Discovery Form will need to be filled out in order to get specific information about your business. Tone, Mission Statement, Pop Aesthetics/Mood Boards, Target Demographics, and ROI Projections will be consulted to create a unique ad campaign for your business. Everything will be posted through our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok pages.