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Image by JK Sloan


In the brief 3 years of our existence we’ve seen various types of art companies implement ineffectual "gimmicks" to appeal to its audience. That’s why we’ve made MiAPPAREL, an online boutique with heavy emhpasis on artist and co-brand collaborations. Our approach is founded on a straightforward idea, "To never underestimate the influential power of art." With this simple montra, we aim to swiftly turn our humble boutique into something akin to an online art gallery, showcasing exquisite and masterfully designed pieces of wearable art. Our story is still being written though, and we couldn't be more excited to share our journey with you!

Image by Samuel Rios


To provide the niche art (community) market with a wide variety of uniquely designed apparel, powered by our creative network of iNFLUENTIAL artists and creatives.


To amass the largest community of art & culture aficionados, to influence creative industries, and to empower artists, thus uplifting the world community.

Image by Evan Lee