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MOST iNFLUENTIAL ART (MiA) is an artist-operated and owned contemporary art publication. Representing artists at various stages in their career was always a crucial element to our mission to help emerging artists, of whom we relate to so deeply. 

Though as artists, thus, seekers of all things preeminent, we saw becoming more than a mere magazine company, a simple and compulsory decision. With a never-ending propensity for improvement we’ve transformed MiA into a respected art hub, one with tremendous emphasis on connection, community, and service.


A contemporary art hub and publication dedicated to bridging the gap between emerging, mid-career, and established artists. By providing inventive solutions, allowing access to our ever-growing network, and ennobling one through the public sphere, MiA’s objective is to edify artists and creatives alike, so that they may reach their full potential.


To cultivate the largest and most influential art community in the world, so that we may offer life-changing opportunities for all types of creative people, and bestow upon the world an art movement of unprecedented magnitude.


Our journey began on the east coast in 2019 just before the pandemic as 1000WORDS Art Group, LLC, founded by fine artist Daniel Johnson aka Mr. J of Mr.J Gallery


Initially, our business was an art collective, one which inspired countless artists to join us in the goal of elevating the local art community.


Yet, (like for everyone else) COVID had its own plans, quickly forcing us to make drastic, ever-lasting changes to our budding art company. During the months of isolation brought about by quarantine, the owners of 1000WORDS Art Group deliberated on what the best steps forward would be. In those daunting, yet formative weeks we agreed to create an online magazine. Thus, MOST iNFLUENTIAL ART Magazine was born, and with its relocation from New Jersey to Colorado came a reformation, officially turning 1000WORDS Art Group into MOST iNFLUENTIAL ART.


3 years later we are still here, representing some of the most uniquely talented and international recognized artists. Growing rapidly from inception, our grassroots movement, one made purely out of necessity, is well on its way to reaching its vision of becoming a global-sized artist network/community.


MiA has built upon its extensive network of artists and in conjunction with our global art community vision, we’ve devoted ourselves to the integration of various services to aid any artist, at any career stage, in reaching their next level of attainment, whatever that may be.


With our eyes firmly set on the future MiA plans on expanding into a multitude of areas within the art industry as we head into 2023. The goal with this expansion is to find and implement more solutions for artists and creatives alike. We plan on adding new services like In-House Art Sales/Consignment, Live Events, Online Community Platform, as well as building on our current services of Magazine Features, Podcast Interviews, and NFT Collections.